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7 augustus 2019

3 tips you should pay attention to when choosing a payroll company

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Setting up your business, you want to be able to focus on that! You work as a self-employed entrepreneur and you are not employed by your client. But how do you ensure that you have arranged everything properly for the tax authorities and that you have your administration in order? Consider payrolling! What should you pay attention to when choosing a payroll party? I give you 3 tips.


  1. Don’t just choose the cheapest payroll company 

Of course you want to save as much money as possible every month. Yet it is not smart to blindly choose the payroll company with the lowest rate. If you choose for the payroll company with the lowest rate, it is possible that you have to incur for additional costs later, because what you want is not included in the rate. Therefore, take a good look at how companies determine their rate and what is included in the rate.


  1. Check which companies meet important certifications
  • Is the payroll company NEN4400-1 certified? This certification shows that the company meet strict requirements regarding personnel and payroll administration.
  • Check whether the company uses a G-account. Does a payroll company not use a G-account? If the company does not pay wage tax, national insurance contributions and employee insurance, the Tax Authorities can hold you liable for these costs. A risk that you would rather not take.
  • Is the company affiliated with the Labour Standard Foundation? With this quality mark, a company shows that their (personnel) administration is in order and that they pay wage taxes and value-added tax in time.


3. Check whether there is flexibility

Some prefer to be paid on a weekly basis, while others prefer a monthly payment. How flexible is the payroll company when it comes to payouts? And if you submit your invoices on a weekly basis, when can you expect your payment?


When it comes to the billing process there are various possibilities Does the client first have to pay the invoice to the payroll company or is there a possibility for pre-financing?


There are enough things to pay attention to. Do you want to know if FreelancePayroll fits you and what the possibilities are for you as a self-employed entrepreneur? I would like to tell you more about it! Contact me or let me call you back.

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